Do you feel as if you are in the middle of all this chaos and it seems like there is no way out?

Feeling lost, helpless and stuck is something that we all have to face time by time. So how do you find your peace and get rid of the fear that you are feeling?

As ridiculous as it may sound – stop, breath slowly and just think. I’m sure there is a way out of your mess, but you have to think carefully and don’t let any idea slip away unnoticed. From my past experiences I learned that sometimes the solution might not be bringing the result you expected – sometimes it is worse, sometimes better and sometimes – so different that you can’t decide which one is it. If you still can’t seem to find a way out – just move!

Think of the situation as you being in a middle of a dark room, trying to find a way out. Calming down might help you find the door, and even if you don’t find the door – you can always just move any direction until you hit the wall – and from there it is either left or right and both ways lead to the exit.

Now I know that real life problems are much worse than just looking for a door in a room. It is more like being in the center of the maze or in the middle of the forest. But the key is – you have to move to have a chance to get out – if you are not moving – you have 0 chances. So if you can’t figure out the solution? Then just do something and follow the signs on the way to get out of the woods.

The reason why we often feel like we are stuck and confused of where to go is: because life is full of uncertainties. That makes every decision you make so much more riskier than ever. That is why we are so scared of making the wrong decisions, that we do nothing and get nowhere.  You want to learn to cook, but you don’t have the money or time to learn that in courses, and you know you could just follow the recipe, maybe read a book or two, and then there are the video tutorials on the internet, not to mention your mom, who would be so happy to help you. You think it will take too much time and you don’t even try until you learn how to do it, so at your free time you get so scared of the amount of work you have to do, that you just watch a movie instead, or chat with your friends. Or maybe you want to lose weight, or start living healthier, but every day you keep saying “tomorrow”, because you don’t feel like today’s the day….

You know what? It is the day – it is you who is looking for an excuse – and the best one is: whatever you want to do, will require long-term commitment, so starting a day later doesn’t seem so bad when you imagine years or months following the routine. Or 1 episode won’t do much harm, compared to the hours you will be spending later to finish those thesis or reading that book… and so you never start, or you start, but you are so tired that you finish soon after.

That is you standing in the middle of that room, not making any movements and thinking, that those few more minutes, days, months, years… won’t hurt, because once you start – you will not stop until you do it. And the bigger the goal or dream – the more you procrastinate….until one day you wake up and realize that it is too late, so you give up. When all your dreams seems to be impossible, the chaos begins and you are lost, because you don’t know what to do.

So I say – just move! If you are anything less than happy, then you have to move! Whatever awaits you after the curve probably won’t be worse than where you are now.

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