Setting up your priorities are the first thing you do before you even set up your goals. You have to determine which way in life you are going – what is the most important thing for you: family, friends, entertainment, travel, work….? Do you want to be the best spouse or parent, or have a colorful social life or maybe real life? Or you are career driven person who wants to reach the top?

1.If you don’t have a goal yet – these are the questions that will help you make it happen. Write all the areas in your life that matters to you on paper and then – under them write – what would count  as a fulfillment in these areas – promotions,interview in a magazine, recognition, busy schedule, 20 hugs/kisses per week. Don’t be shy – write all that pops in your mind! Imagine yourself in a year, 5 or 10 and think what would make you happy. What do you want to have then.

2. When that is done – look at all of them. Read them again and mark the 3 you want the most. The ones you can’t imagine your future – those are your main priorities. The rest is something you can figure out later. These 3 you now have to order.

3. Once that is done – think of the ways how you can get there. What are the possible options to reach these goals. Brainstorm. And write them down : Plan A to Z(depending how many you got).

4. You have your goals, priorities and some ideas how to reach them. So now – pick one of the options and try to do it – start doing it. If at some point you fail – you just cross it out and try another one. If it is in process -figure out some milestones to track your progress.

Lets start making our dreams come true!


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