They say – be a good person. Ever since you are a small kid – they tell you to be this good person because this is how it should be. Because it is the right thing to do. And you think that being good helps you to become happier, live longer, be healthy or whatever you have in your mind.

Being good equals to having all the good things in your life.

Is there something wrong with the equation?  Yes – everything. Being nice gives you nothing. It doesn’t come with any perks, it doesn’t give you any rewards or advance in life. Naughty or nice – you still have the same cards in your hands. That is the truth. And it is awful. That is why there are not so many nice people out there – it is not so easy to be nice all the time. Helping others won’t mean that they will be there for you when you need them. Being honest doesn’t mean that people will be honest to you. So being nice doesn’t mean people will be nice to you. Life doesn’t work like that. So you really have to decide for yourself – which one you want to be.

So – which one do you want to be?


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