The day when it all seemed to be too much, too hard to bear too hard to contain – the day when it seemed as if it is impossible to breath. That day her eyes got tired of tears. Her heart got tired of sorrow. That day when she stopped asking „why this is happening to me?” and started thinking of the ways „what can I do to be happy again?” she found peace, she found happiness. Nothing special happened that day, no one came to help, no one gave her advices  – yet she was happy. Happy, because she had found a hope.  A hope for a better day. It wasn’t a castle in the clouds, those were solid, simple steps she could take straight away. The goal is still so far, but now she knows how to get there.  She is no longer afraid to stumble and fall – she already had hit the rock bottom once and she knows now that she can for a fact get out of it.


/me, 2013/


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