I’ve always loved winter – everything seems frozen, even time. Everything looks beautiful. All the messy things are now covered with white fluffy snow flakes and it helps me to forget all the bad and painful. In winter it just feels like anything is possible.

Every winter of every year is my fresh start. My new page in life. It’s not the new year – it is winter. While I am here in Germany, in Latvia there is still snow. That saddens me a bit, because I miss the snow. Trough the past years winter was mostly muddy, there was no snow at all. And for Latvia – that is something unusual. So this year, when the winter was finally so generous with those white and fluffy snow flakes, it is really sad to leave.

I didn’t even  got the chance to have a snowball fight, or making snow angels or a snow man…  Partially it’s because I had no one to do it together with, and doing those things alone is no fun for me… Next year, I guess…

Maybe next year there will be snow too?


Yes, I love the winter. That could explain why I love the “Frozen” so much. So today I have to say goodbye to the winter in my life and hope that the spring will be really generous with beautiful views and new relationships.

I am out of my shell, is there any better way how to make the change I been wanting to for so long time?


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