When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.
/Ryan Reynolds/

Are you now the person you wanted to be? If no – are you happy about it?

I sometimes wonder – where did I got wrong? What was the turning point for me to find myself so far away from my goal?  I had plans A, B, C to Z if something doesn’t work out, but I didn’t achieve any of them. None. Zero.

Maybe I just don’t see them, but there is still a hope? Maybe the next turn will show me that my road hasn’t been that wrong after all?

Now I have the chance to change my life and I want to change… it’s just whenever it comes to doing something – I don’t do it… I am lazy, I have to admit that, I have no willpower and I don’t know how to overcome that.  My bad qualities don’t stop at that – I am perfectionist and not in the good way. I want to be perfect at the things I do, but as soon as I fail or receive bad review – I QUIT! I stop trying. I mean – who does that? Everyone knows you have to try and try, and try until you do it right if that is the thing you want to do. But that doesn’t work on me. I put too much emphasis on fate.  I’m a dreamer. That has to change.

I have to start at something right?  I don’t want to make a promise I can’t keep. But I could try with the small things. From this day – I will write here at least once a week. (Hopefully I will do more often, but “once a week” is a pretty good start, right? )

Do you know how to reach out for a dream and accomplish it? Then please, tell me how to do it! And what are you dreaming about – what are you looking for in life?



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