“My best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake.”

I feel blessed to know that I have more than one best friend. And no person on this world have the right to make me choose. How can I, when all of them are amazing in their own way? How can I, when I would do just about anything for each and every one of them? The heart is unlimited in the capacity of love it can hold — that is my believe and I hold firmly to that!

Sadly there are still people in my life that don’t wish me the best, they wish the best me they can get for themselves… Selfish? Yep. Do  I like it? No, definitely not! So what will I do about that? We shall see…

Question of the day: How do you stomach the fact that the amazing person is not so good for you? How do you deal with the fact that person that seems so good on paper just don’t function as your friend and manages to bring out all the worst of you?

My answer: You shouldn’t. It’s hard, but is there any other way?


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