“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”
Oprah WinfreyNew Picture (53)

Few months ago, when I was confused and scared of what my future will be like,  I watched this TV competition. What surprised me was the way how I changed ever since that night…

When I saw the winners reaction — it amazed me! It was pure happiness! Everyone who saw the competition could see that. This happiness in the eyes of the winner changed me. I wanted to have moments in my life where I would feel as happy as he at that moment.

It is 6 months since then and I can say that it has been the happiest half year of my life! No, I didn’t win anything. Nothing much has changed — just my attitude.  I just felt really happy most of the time. I’d say – that night I exposed myself to be happy.

Of course — I tried new things, I started filling my life with the things I enjoy and avoided the ones that brings me down.  I went on trips I would not take in my past, met some people I thought I wouldn’t want to meet. And I found new friends and I finally saw the beautiful world around me.

You know – you can be happy too – you just have to make the first steps and then the life will do the rest!

Cause all you need is crazy plan and amazing friend that will accompany you no matter were you decide to go!

P.S. Recently I got to meet the person who inspired me to make this change! The bad quality of the pictures doesn’t help to see that — but I am really happy in those photos!


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