My thought of the day – anyone can become better, can grow, can be happy, can live a dream…. ANYONE! Sadly – not everybody wants to change.

You know that person to whom you always say the best of your motivation speeches? The one who never listens. The one who always tunes out when you try to help him and just whines how awful his/her life is? Even when you know that your life comparing to theirs is way worse…

Yes, I know — sometimes it’s hard to understand them — why do they do that?

Maybe they are just lazy? Strange, but mostly it is true – we all want to change, to have the result, but  only some of us are willing to make the effort for that. It is easier to wait for everything to work out — especially when you have so amazing friends!

The second reason is quite different, but there are way too many people who like that. Those people actually enjoy being nurtured, feeling special, being at the center of attention. Even more — because of all the special treatment  – they enjoy feeling miserable.

The ugly truth is that because of those who scream for every nonsense we don’t notice the ones who stay quiet even when they are going down… People often mistaken friends in need with the ones who pretend to be in need.

Sadly for them — they are week and rarely are truly happy if they keep dramatizing  every aspect of their lives.

Wise friend once told me “Relationships only work both ways. ” So you have to give&take, and not just take. Because this amazing friend of yours might find someone who knows how to give – and then he’ll see you for who you really are…

Think about that….


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